Created in 2001 by Danny Jillefski, United States Pro Wrestling has built its subsequent success around offering its fans a family-friendly product that is heavy on unabashed patriotism and 1980s wrestling nostalgia. The legendary Sam Strong became owner in 2006 and leveraged his enormous name value to make the company into a genuine player, turning the traditional 'Big Two' of SWF and TCW into a 'Big Three'.

In the biggest wrestling story of 2014, USPW were bought by billionaire Allen Packer to provide exclusive content for his new 'Reverie' subscription-based network. With the network's financial muscle and enormous viewership behind them, USPW have quickly become the biggest wrestling company on the planet.

2001 - 2004Edit

2005 - 2006Edit

Sam Strong Takes Over (August 2006)Edit

Basic InformationEdit

  • Founded: July 2001
  • Founder: Danny Jillefski
  • Location: South East, USA
  • Size: Cult
  • Prestige: 65%
  • Money: $5,000,000






Authority FigureEdit


Road AgentsEdit

Tag TeamsEdit

Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won Date aired
USPW World Championship James Justice Week 1, October 2007 Week 1, October 2007
USPW National Championship Retired Week 4, July 2007 Week 4, July 2007
USPW World Tag Team Championship The Towers of Power Week 1, April 2007 Week 1, April 2007
USPW Womens Championship Cherry Bomb Week 1, August 2007 Week 1, August 2007
USPW Television Championship Nicky Champion Week 1, August 2007 Week 1, August 2007

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