South Of The Border Pro WrestlingEdit

South Of The Border Pro Wrestling are the youngest of the three big Mexican promotions, and have recently established themselves as the number one promotion in the country.

Formed in 1998, at first they managed to make a huge splash simply by using their massive financial power to buy up many major stars and force their way into the market. Their momentum could not be maintained though, and eventually their investors left and they became stuck deadlocked in a three-way battle for supremacy.

SOTBPW finally managed to establish themselves as the biggest promotion in the country thanks to the emergence of their young champion Champagne Lover as a true national superstar, the money-spinning success of La Alianza Del Terror storyline, and the clever booking of the international star Pablo Rodriguez.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Founded: August 1998
  • Location: South Eastern (Mexico)
  • Prestige: 35%
  • Money: USD $2,500,000






Other StaffEdit


  • Jorge Ibanez


Road AgentsEdit

Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won
Campéon de Mundo SOTBPW Champagne Lover November 11, 2007
Campéon de Menor SOTBPW Pirata Malvado September 11, 2007
Campéones de Parejas SOTBPW Enrique Merino & Tijuana Vampire August 23, 2007
Campéones de Tríos SOTBPW Hysteria, Junior Youth & Vincente Romero July 4, 2007

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