Sam Keith is one of the true legends of wrestling, having won major titles and put on fantastic performances all around the world since the 1980s. Such was his ability, that during the 1990s he had a major claim to being the best American wrestler on the planet. As well as his many worldwide title reigns, he is also well known for being the inventor of the Proton Lock, perhaps the most feared submission move ever. From the mid 90s onwards he was a major player with the SWF, eventually becoming head booker. In 2007 he was the scapegoat for the "SWF election" storyline fiasco and ended up leaving the promotion entirely. In a big moment, just days later he made a stunning debut for TCW when he ran in on a live pay-per-view and revealed himself as the heavily hyped "mystery member" of The Syndicate stable.


Basic InfoEdit

  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 235 lbs
  • Birth Date: January 2, 1961
  • Birth Place: El Paso, Texas
  • Resides: El Paso, Texas
  • Billed From: El Paso, Texas
  • Debut: January 31, 1979

Signature MovesEdit

Neutron-Plex (Head And Arm Suplex)

Proton Lock (Scorpion Deathlock w/ Reverse Neck Lock)

Title HistoryEdit

BHOTWG Burning World Championship (2) (October 1986 - May 1987, August 1989 - January 1991)

Campeon de Herencia de Mundo MPWF (2) (June 1984 - October 1984, January 1985 - April 1985)

CGC World Championship (2) (May 1990 - December 1990, November 1991 - January 1992)

CGC World Tag Team Championship (2 w/Robert Oxford) (February 1991 - April 1991, June 1991 - October 1991)

SWF World Heavyweight Championship (4) (May 21, 1996 - January 13, 1997, July 29, 1997 - February 14 1998, October 31, 1998 - January 26, 2000, March 12, 2002 - January 11, 2004)

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