Also called Companies, Leagues or Federations, promotions are the organizations that hold wrestling shows.

Extract from TEW08 Help Files: This section is where you can view all the different companies in the world, including your own. The filter allows you to break the list down further.

One of the key items you will see here is the promotion’s prestige value, in the form of a grade. If you share wrestlers with a promotion, this grade can become very important. When combined with the promotion’s size, it will determine who a wrestler gives his priority to. For example, if a wrestler works for both a Cult promotion with a B grade for prestige and a Cult promotion with an A grade for prestige, he will always choose to attend the shows of the latter first. Prestige can change over time, primarily via jumps in size.

An important point to make about companies is that their size is not always tied directly to their popularity, as there are two exceptions. The first is that a “child” promotion can never rise above Cult status. The second is that after a promotion falls from National (or higher) size to Cult (or lower), it enters a six month ‘cooling down’ period. During this phase the promotion cannot regain National status, regardless of its popularity.

To view a promotion in more detail you can either click the logo or the View Company Profile button. This will load the Promotion Profile pop-up window; this can be opened from many places within the game, and gives you specific information on the promotion in question.

The Business button of the Promotion Profile is important, as it gives you access to four vital controls. From here you can try to become owner or head booker of the promotion (if those positions are available) and, if you are already employed, you can also try to take over the promotion entirely or propose a talent trade (swapping wrestlers temporarily).

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