The Product is what your fans come to see! It styles your promotion so that the fans will know what type of thing they'll see at the event. It's split up into twelve main categories.

Traditional: The traditional values of (primarily American) wrestling, that being good guys who play fair vs. bad guys who cheat, with an old-school feel.

Mainstream (Entertainment): Entertainment that appeals to the whole family, i.e. over-the-top characters, harmless comedy, etc. (Entertainers)

Comedy (Entertainment): Physical or verbal comedy, both in the ring and in skits.

Cult (Entertainment): Non-Mainstream entertainment, the sort that is maybe a little darker or on the edge than is normal, a la classic ECW.

Risque (Entertainment): Very near-the-knuckle entertainment, so beloved of the Attitude Era in reality.

Modern: The modern type of match, where matches are fast-paced, featuring a blend of "oh my god" dangerous moves and crazy aerial spots, the sort you'd see in ROH or TNA's X-Division. (Spot Monkey, Cruiserweight, Luchadore, Super Junior)

Realism: This is the Japanese style of working realistically, where you build up with low-level strikes and holds. (Brawler)

Hyper Realism: This is where there is an MMA influence. (MMA)

Hardcore: When there is a lot of blood and weapons. (Psychopath)

Lucha Libre: When lucha libre is used, the Mexican style of fast-paced acrobatics. (Luchadore)

Pure: This is where the product has proper pure wrestling, i.e. the more "European" style of holds and counter holds, lots of mat wrestling, with submissions being a huge feature. (Technician)

DareDevil: This is the high-spot oriented part of the product, where realism takes a back seat to crazy stuff that isn't big on psychology, but is big on amazing people. (Cruiserweight)


Credit to user rodzillahotrod on the GDS forums.

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