Original Lucha Libre Is EternalEdit

Original Lucha Libre Is Eternal are the oldest active wrestling promotion in the entire world, having celebrated their 60th birthday in 2015. They are sometimes known as "The People's Promotion", a reference to their golden era when their low-cost shows would fill arenas with shows that entire families could enjoy.

At one point in time they were the greatest and most successful promotion in Mexico, running sold out shows every night with the greatest collection of superstars that will likely ever be seen together in one company. The emergence of their rivals MPWF and SOTBPW have hurt OLLIE's stranglehold on lucha libre though, and nowadays their glory days are well and truly a thing of the past as they struggle to keep pace with the newly dominant SOTBPW.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Founded: January 1955
  • Location: West Central (Mexico)
  • Prestige: 55%
  • Money: USD $1,000,000






Other StaffEdit


  • Joaquin Soler


Road AgentsEdit

Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won
Campéon de Universal OLLIE Marcos Flores October 25, 2007
Campéon de Mexico OLLIE Laberinto Jr June 21, 2007
Campéones de Parejas OLLIE Luis Montero Jr & Tricolor Jr October 11, 2007
Campéones de Tríos OLLIE Swarm I, Swarm II & Swarm III April 9, 2007