North of the Border Pro Wrestling was founded in 1985 by legendary Canadian wrestler Dan Stone. Over the previous decade, the Canadian Wrestling Federation held a monopoly on professional wrestling in the country, with Stone as the promotion's figurehead. After retiring in 1985, Stone bought the Alberta and Ontario territories from CWF promoter Ed "Strangler" Henson, who agreed to the arrangement to pay Stone back for his years of hard work and dedication, as well as to keep a talent flow between the two companies so as to keep both promotions fresh.

The CWF and NOTBPW split the pro wrestling market in Canada evenly for nearly 4 years until Henson's death in 1989. The CWF died with Henson, and for a year, NOTBPW was the only promotion in town. The monopoly was short-lived, however, with the formation of George DeColt's Canadian Golden Combat in 1990. Since then, the flashy, soap-opera-style CGC has controlled Western Canada, while the more traditional NOTBPW has dominated the provinces of Eastern Canada.

Like DeColt, Stone has relied primarily on his children as the major faces of NOTBPW. Sons Jeremy, Dan Jr., and Duane have all held the NOTBPW Canadian Title, the top belt in the company. A younger son, Edd, also burst onto the scene in 2005, but his poor attitude has caused friction in the locker room to the point where his father had no choice but to release him from his lifetime contract in 2007. Daughter Victoria is also heavily involved with the business, serving as both a wrestler and the promotion's head booker. The Stone family's main storyline enemy has been British standout Cliff "Dark Angel" Wilson.

Basic InformationEdit




Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won Date aired
NOTBPW Canadian Championship Dark Angel June 2009
NOTBPW All Action Championship Title Retired
NOTBPW Tag Team Championship The Natural & Owen Love July 2008
NOTBPW Young Lion Championship Title Retired
NOTBPW Women's Championship Melody Cuthill January 2009
Ed Henson Memorial Tournament Dark Angel & Harrison Hash March 2009

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