Nicky "Hawkeye" Champion originally came through the short-lived USPW training school, one of only two graduates to make it to the full roster. That was in 2004, and he would spend the next two and a half years saddled with the abysmal "Tom E Hawk" gimmick, stuck in the lower reaches of USPW shows. When Sam Strong took over in 2006 he saw the youngster as having the potential to be "the next Sam Strong", and so had him reinvented as the more dynamic Nicky Champion instead.


Nicky Champion is a promising youngster in USPW who many believe will become the next Sam Strong, including Strong himself. Champion doesn't have the greatest technical or high flying skills but just has that "it" factor. Champion has just recently won his first title and there seems to be many more in the future of this bright young prospect formerly known as Tom E. Hawk. Nicky is now under the tutelage of Sam Strong while working for him in United States Pro Wrestling, and there are even rumors that he might follow the path of Sean McFly and court Alicia Strong to become the boss' son-in-law.

Only time will tell what will happen in the future of this young prospect.

Basic InfoEdit

  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 286 lbs
  • Birth Date: August 31, 1984
  • Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee
  • Resides: Memphis, Tennessee
  • Billed From: Memphis, Tennessee
  • Debut: June 13, 2004

Signature MovesEdit

Hawkeye Hammer (Crooked Arm Lariat)

Bow To The Champion (Reverse Underhook Driver)

The Whirlybird (Airplane Spin)

Title HistoryEdit

USPW Television (August 11, 2007 - Present)

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