Basic InformationEdit

NYCW are unapologetically a throwback to an older era. Under the guidance of old-school veteran The Stomper they have changed little since their debut in 1988 - to this day, they provide slow paced traditional wrestling with minimal glitz, almost as if caught in a time warp from 1976. While this has stopped them from ever expanding outside of the Tri-State area, their loyal fan base would have it no other way, pointing out that while it may not be glamorous, it is consistently value for money.


Basic InformationEdit

  • Founded: 1988
  • Founder: The Stomper
  • Location: Tri-State (USA)
  • Size: Small
  • Prestige: 5% (F)
  • Money: $25,000


  • Owner: The Stomper
  • Head Booker:



Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won Date aired
NYCW Empire Championship Whistler February 2009
NYCW Tri-State Regional Championship Dazzling Dave Diamond April 2009
NYCW Tag Team Championship Rick Sanders & The Masked Mauler January 2009

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