NYCW are unapologetically a throwback to an older era. Created by old-school veteran The Stomper, they have changed little since their debut in 1988; to this day, they provide slow paced traditional wrestling with minimal glitz, almost as if caught in a time warp from 1976. While this has stopped them from ever expanding outside of the Tri-State area, their loyal fan base would have it no other way, pointing out that while it may not be glamorous, it is consistently value for money.

The Stomper retired in 2010, handing over the promotion to his chosen successor, Larry Vessey. He has gone with a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" strategy and kept NYCW firmly on their usual old-school course.






Road AgentsEdit


Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won Date aired
NYCW Empire Championship Roger Cage Week 1, July 2015
NYCW Tri-State Regional Championship Crockett Tubbs Week 1, December 2015
NYCW Tag Team Championship Animal Harker and Tennessee William Week 1, July 2015