This is a region in the United States of America.


  • Clover Fields - Big - Clover Fields is a 15,000 seater that is noted for its eye-catching architecture.
  • Colorado Springs Bar - Tiniest - A famous venue in the Mid South, the Colorado Springs Bar hosts occasionally wrestling shows, and are noted for their rowdy crowds.
  • Dust Bowl Fields - Huge - Home to the Kansas Crush basketball team, Dust Bowl Fields is a huge outdoor arena which has hosted some very famous wrestling events in the past.
  • Irvine Hall - Small - Irvine Hall in Kansas has been known to pack in up to 5000 fans to watch wrestling in the past, and has a great historic feel to it.
  • New Mexico Armory - Tiny - A former military installation, the New Mexico Armoury is now used as a low-key venue for music and occasional wrestling.
  • The Chase Dome - Enormous - The Chase Dome is a 75,000 seat stadium, and home to the Oklahoma Reptiles football team.
  • The Friedman Building - Medium - The Friedman Building is a long-time venue for wrestling, perhaps the oldest in the entire of Texas.
  • The Kettley Arena - Very Big - A home to great wrestling since its opening in 1980, The Kettley Arena has seem numerous great wrestlers pass through it, and continues to be a focal point for grappling in the Mid South.
  • The Ranch of San Antonio - Medium - "The Ranch", as it is better known, is a famous wrestling venue in Texas. It gained its reputation as it was the home base of the now-defunct Texas Wrestling League, and so has hosted some of the biggest names in all wrestling during its lifetime. (Wrestling Hotbed)
  • West Texas Coliseum - Very Small - The West Texas Coliseum is one of the most legendary wrestling venues in the US, and pretty much every great wrestlers of the past 30 years has wrestled here at some point.

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