Mid Atlantic WrestlingEdit

The legendary Rip Chord, upon his retirement in 2005, decided that there weren't enough places for young wrestlers to learn their trade. He created MAW with his own money as a throwback to the old days of small territorial promotions in order to help solve this problem and give something back to the industry that had provided him with so much.

The idea behind MAW was that the company would strive to achieve two main goals; to produce great young talent who could move on to bigger promotions and become stars, while at the same time being a self-sustaining profitable company. It did not take long for the company to earn a well-deserved reputation for being the premier place in North America for young wrestlers to learn their trade.


Basic InformationEdit

  • Founded: October 2005
  • Founder: Rip Chord
  • Location: Mid Atlantic (USA)
  • Size: Small
  • Prestige: 18%
  • Money: $100,000






Other StaffEdit


Road AgentsEdit

Tag TeamsEdit

Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won Date aired
Mid-Atlantic Championship Erik Strong June 2 2007 June 2 2007
Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Oscar Golden & Flash Savage June 2 2007 June 2 2007
Rip Chord Invitational Mainstream Hernandez January 17 2007 January 17 2007

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