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Welcome to TEW Games Wiki. This wiki contains information on Total Extreme Wrestling, a series of booking simulator games made by Adam Ryland. We are currently in the process of updating the wiki to be accurate for Total Extreme Wrestling 2016, and would like you to help. All users can contribute, meaning you don't have to log in to make an edit.

This wiki is full of information about the Total Extreme Wrestling series. We have pages that tell you information about the CornellVerse, and our cache of information includes data about everything from workers to awards.

Highlighted PagesEdit

  • CornellVerse - Learn about the history of wrestling in Total Extreme Wrestling.
  • Hall of Immortals - See the greatest wrestlers to have ever stepped foot in the ring in the CornellVerse.
  • East Coast Wars - Learn about the most hardcore battle in the Tri State region.
  • Power 500 - See the best active wrestlers, young and old, who can put on a slobberknocker.
  • End of Year Awards - See the award winning wrestlers, companies, and tag teams of the CornellVerse.



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