"Amazing" Huey Cannonball is a young prospect who is trying to make it in the business. During his early years on the Canadian independent scene he was solid, if unspectacular in his performances, but showed enough potential to make him an exciting prospect for the future. That drew the attention of MAW, who signed him to their roster. He has since become an "unofficial" third member of the Canadian Blondes team, acting as primary interference runner for Oscar Golden and Flash Savage.


Basic InfoEdit

  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 169 lbs
  • Birth Date: March 1, 1985
  • Birth Place: Montreal, Canada
  • Resides: Montreal, Canada
  • Billed From: Montreal, Canada
  • Debut: March 5, 2003

Signature MovesEdit

Cannonball Run (Corkscrew Legdrop)

Title HistoryEdit

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