Coastal Zone Championship (formerly Combat) Wrestling were one of the success stories of the 1990s; at a time when the SWF's Sports Entertainment product dominated all aspects of American wrestling, people said that the tiny promotion from the South West couldn't possibly hope to make money promoting exciting fast-paced matches with lightweight workers. CZCW tried it anyway, and while they haven't become hugely profitable, they did manage to celebrate 15 years of staying in business in 2005.

A favorite with tape traders, CZCW have recently begun experimenting with lucha libre influences and have strong ties with Mexican promotion MPWF. As of 2008, talk had even begun regarding a possible Mexican tour for the promotion.

Basic InformationEdit







Road AgentEdit

Tag TeamsEdit

Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won Date aired
Coastal Zone Championship James Prudence Week 1, July 2007 Week 1, July 2007
Coastal Zone Tag Team Championship Remmy Skye and Frankie Perez Week 1, July 2007 Week 1, July 2007
Coastal Zone Xtreme Championship Flying Jimmy Foxx Week 1, September 2007 Week 1, September 2007

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