Christian Faith is one of the most enduring figures in US wrestling, having been a headliner for the Supreme Wrestling Federation almost continually since the 1980's. While not great in the ring, he has massive charisma and knows how to put on an exciting match. Early in his SWF career he struggled to break out, stuck in the shadow of the legendary Sam Strong and Rip Chord. However, once those two left, his career went into super nova, and some would even say he has now eclipsed both men. He is highly respected within the wrestling community, as is called "The Iron Man" by his peers due to the legendary work ethic and resilience; in two decades of work for the SWF you can count the amount of shows he has missed through injury or illness on one hand.


Basic InfoEdit

  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 290 lbs
  • Birth Date: June 10, 1966
  • Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Resides: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Billed From: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Debut: June 17, 1984

Signature MovesEdit

Faith Hammer (Bionic Elbow)

Leap Of Faith (Avalanche)

Test Of Faith (Sleeper Hold)

Title HistoryEdit

SWF World Heavyweight Championship (4) (October 21, 1993 - March 19, 1994, January 13, 1997 - July 29, 1997, January 26, 2000 - March 12, 2002, February 25, 2004 - January 13, 2005)

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