"The Insurance Policy" Charlie Thatcher stands at six feet and seven inches, and weighs in at 304lb; it is that impressive stature that has allowed him to make some progress in the business, especially with Total Championship Wrestling where he has spent most of his career. For most of his career he seemed typecast as a menacing bodyguard, standing at ringside, glaring. In recent years though, he has made the effort to improve his wrestling skills, and now competes a lot more in the ring.


Basic InfoEdit

  • Height: 6' 7"
  • Weight: 304 lbs
  • Birth Date: September 12, 1973
  • Birth Place: Norfolk, Virginia
  • Resides: Norfolk, Virginia
  • Billed From: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Debut: September 25, 1993

Signature MovesEdit

Crusher Legdrop (Running Legdrop)

The Insurance Policy (Chokeslam)

Title HistoryEdit

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