Carlos Gonzalez is the younger brother of "Lone Wolf" Shawn Gonzalez. He got into wrestling late; he only began training at the age of 23, having spent the previous five years in prison. A decent brawler, he sees wrestling as a way out of a life of crime. He got his first serious work in late 2007, when his brother used his status as head booker to arrange for Carlos to come into FCW in Puerto Rico.


Carlos Gonzalez was arrested the night of March 17, 2002 in front of a strip club in Miami for possession of cocaine and marijuana with intention to sell. He spent five years in a state prison and was released two years early for good conduct. He started to train under his brother, Shawn Gonzalez in the final months of DAVE and went with him to work for Puerto Rico's Freedom Caribbean Wrestling in 2007.

Basic InfoEdit

  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Birth Date: February 7, 1982
  • Birth Place: Miami, Florida
  • Resides: Miami, Florida
  • Billed From: Miami, Florida
  • Debut: February 24, 2007

Signature MovesEdit

Throw The Switch (Electric Chair Drop)

Drop the Soap (Lung Blower/Back-cracker)

Title HistoryEdit

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