Canadian Charisma Championship CombatEdit

The company with the most unwieldly name in world wrestling, Canadian Charisma Championship Combat are the "underground alternative" to the more established NOTBPW and CGC promotions, and recently celebrated their tenth year of action, a feat that nobody outside of the company's hardcore fan base expected them to achieve.

Their roster is traditionally made up of a combination of exciting, unproven young talent and more experienced workers who have been overlooked or mis-used by bigger promotions. The result is a roster of workers who are hungry for success, and this can easily be seen in 4C's fast-paced, physically demanding matches.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Founded: November 1996
  • Location: Ontario (Canada)
  • Prestige: 10%
  • Money: USD $100,000






Other StaffEdit


Road AgentsEdit


Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won
4C Championship Sayeed Ali November 28, 2007
4C Hardcore Championship Brett Fraser October 9, 2007
4C Tag Team Championship Phenomenal Excess November 22, 2006

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