Big Smack Scott (Real name: Scott Sinclair) is a heavyweight brawler who has earned an unsavory reputation in the wrestling business thanks to his poor attitude problems and multiple run-ins with the law. Even when factoring in this issues, Sinclair is unpopular due to his sloppy and dangerous work while in the ring. Incredibly enough, he was signed to the industry leading Supreme Wrestling Federation. Sinclair was signed entirely based on a certain intangible X-Factor about him.

Big Smack Scott's name and personality seems to be based on WWF/E, WCW, and TNA wrestler Scott "Big Poppa Pump" Steiner.

Basic InfoEdit

  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 265 lbs
  • Birth Date: Big Smack Scott's actual birth date has fequently been called into question. It was originally rumored to be sometime in 1968, but it has since been discovered that Big Smack Scott lied on his ID about his age when he was 14 to purchase alcohol, and simply failed/forgot to correct the mistake until the IRS came after him in 2007.
  • Birth Place: Tampa, Florida
  • Resides: Tampa, Florida
  • Billed From: New York City
  • Debut: July 12, 1993

Signature MovesEdit

Big Smack Shuffle (Fist Drop with theatrics)

Ego Trip (Overhead Flip Slam)

Really Big Smack (Stiff Chest Chop)

Shooting Smack Press (SSP. It should be noted that footage of Scott executing this move does not exist- the only person who officially acknowledges its legitimacy is Scott himself.)

Title HistoryEdit

1993: Young Worker of the Year

1996-2008: Steroid Monthly's Sexiest Man Of The Year

1998: Legendary Match, vs. Big Trouble. During his first match in XFW, Big Trouble was unwise enough to sandbag a Big Smack Scott powerbomb attempt. He was dropped directly on his head and paralyzed. Not only was this one of the most downloaded clips on the Internet for years (Partially because Scott ignored the pleas of the referee, delivered the Big Smack Shuffle, and demanded the three count), the bad publicity also directly led to XFW's closing.

1998-2001: CornellVerse's Most Unsafe Worker

2005: Met-RX Best Steroids Enhanced Jacked and Tan Body Award

2006: Adult Film Award: Best FFM Threesome in Big Smack, Big Racks

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