American Elemental is one of the new breed of North American workers who have been heavily influenced by the Japanese Super Junior style; his character and costume are an obvious homage to the original Elemental. After six years of hard work on the independent scene, he finally got a break in 2006, when he joined World Level Wrestling, working under the name Americana. A fantastic worker, there were even been rumblings that he was in the frame to play Elemental III for BHOTWG, but that was proved false in 2007.


Basic InfoEdit

  • Height: 5'8 lbs
  • Weight: 225 lbs
  • Birth Date: August 1, 1980
  • Birth Place: San Francisco, California
  • Resides: San Francisco, California
  • Billed From: San Francisco, California
  • Debut: September 12, 2000

Signature MovesEdit

Earth Breaker (Tiger Bomb)

Inferno Splash (450 Degree Splash)

Title HistoryEdit

Coastal Zone Championship (September 14, 2002 - December 24, 2002)

World Level Show Stealer (as Americana) (September 20, 2006 - December 3, 2006)

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