For those that are unfamiliar with the feature, advanced booking allows you to plan matches ahead of time, which draws increased ticket sales and/or tv ratings. The advanced booking interface is on the main control screen, under the "Corporate Section". Using advanced booking is not only a good way to keep yourself on course, but also allows you to gauge how well you are booking by looking at the "Heat" rating for each match. You can build these up by running angles and matches before the actual booked match takes place, which drives up viewership even more.

However, the point that I think many are unaware of is a new (at least I think) feature of TEW08 that allows you to more easily book matches that you have advanced booked. After selecting the match type you want, you are taken to the match booking screen, where you can select the participants in the match. Along the bottom is the advanced booking button. When you click on it, it will bring you to the list of your advanced booked matches. However, you will notice that unlike the standard advanced booking menu, this one features an option for "Select". When you click this, it will automatically put the participants for the match you selected into the match you are currently booking. This avoids the old TEW07 pitfall of gaining a penalty for an advanced booked match because you booked the participants in the wrong order, and also is very much a time saver.


Credit to user hrdcoresidebrns on the GDS forums.

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